guy berthiaumeMandate To research marketing and competitive intelligence operations; to research, create and deploy an urgently needed recruitment strategy.

Testimonial " I’ve lost count of the times I’ve worked with Francis Marin, but always appreciated his reliability and thoroughness. He’s also highly creative and original in the solutions he proposes, while nonetheless maintaining and achieving realistic goals. He’s a fine person to work with and a welcome addition to any strategic team. "

- Guy Berthiaume, President and General Director of the National Library and Archives of Quebec; former Vice-Rector of Development and Public Affairs


guy berthiaumeMandate To create a program that would expand public awareness of the well-regarded charitable Foundation; to re-position the brand and the name toward a younger donor base, while maintaining the confidence of established donors; to re-vamp both the standards and overall strategy of the foundation’s communications platform.

Testimonial " The team at Quattrocento Communication took our established corporate culture into careful consideration, which was utterly essential to our working relationship. Quattrocento rapidly analyzed the delicate nature of the re-positioning exercise and the risks that it entailed. Results were more than satisfactory: donors, volunteers and internal personnel quickly adapted to the new positioning and identity. We all came out ahead. "

- Lucie Lauzon, Director of Program Development, Quebec Region.


Mandate  To heighten the profile of Faculty of Music at an international level and to recruit students.

Results  An increase of 31% in admission requests for September of 2009.

Testimonial  " Mr. Marin served as our strategic consultant, and reviewing all recruitment strategies that had previously been employed. Although he was not involved in daily activities, he served as an advisor, providing us with a constructive framework within which we were able to question our own procedures which, in turn, gave us the means to find realistic and effective solutions.

He was particularly energetic and generous with his time, working alongside us in the creation of the Orchestre de l’Université de Montréal, La Grande Fanfare Classique, Opéramania, and Musifête etc.

Mr. Marin seemed to have an intuitive understanding of what might attract music lovers and how to reach such a public imaginatively, but within a restricted budget. Over the ensuing years, his advice has remained a cornerstone of our operations and we feel greatly indebted to him."

- Madeleine Bédard, Director of Public Affairs


guy berthiaume" Quattrocento was established in 2004 with the purpose of integrating communications and organizational strategies with the Internet. Today, we enter the new decade with a much-expanded arsenal of communications activities that mobilize communications activities and to further the development of almost any organization or SMB. "

Our communications campaigns are therefore designed to transform individual citizens from indifferent bystanders to prospects; from prospects to clients; and from clients to committed supporters of your organization.

That’s why we refer to our strategic methods as a « continuum »."

- Francis Marin, President and Chief Strategic Officer