Systematic recruiting

Recruiting new members is an essential activity for many organizations. Renewing clients, subscribers, students and other participants is, quite simply, a matter of survival.

  • First, the public profile and recognition factors surrounding your organization must open the door to a committed relationship.
  • Second, the initial formulation of your must attract prospects and encourage them to consider active involvement.
  • Third, intuitive and searchable electronic communications must reflect the transparency and integrity of your organization. Information must be presented in such a way that prospects will take the initiative and act upon what they have learned.
  • And, finally, the manner in which you receive and process new prospects must become a determining factor in retaining their interest and involvement.

In short: even before responding to their first questions — and continuing throughout the process by which they will eventually become subscribers to your organization — communications will remain the driving force behind your relationship with each prospect or recruit.

QUATTROCENTO invites you to dynamically enhance your communications activities and optimize your recruitment procedures.