Marketing & SMBs

Once your small- or medium-size business is satisfied with the quality of its offer and convinced of its capacity to deliver, it’s time for your communications offensive to take over, drawing attention to your company and accelerating your development

This immediately confronts you with an important choice:

  1. You can set up an internal structure that increases fixed and recurring costs, or
  2. You can contract an advertising agency to do the job, in which case you’ll lose a certain amount of control over your message and also incur what could become considerable expenses.
    It’s a dilemma, to be sure.
    But to help your SMB confront the challenge, Quattrocento Communications & Development has devised a unique new formula: It’s called “VP-COM” and consists of a V.P Communications for hire on a project-by-project basis.


VP-COM vastly increases the efficiency of your communications program — and dramatically cuts costs.

With VP COM, it’s as if you have your very own Vice-President of Communications — whenever and wherever you may need him.

Your Vice President will be as committed to your organization and its goals, corporate culture and values as any partner or business associate would be. He will perform the identical tasks of competitive evaluation and strategic planning, and be as expert in representing and negotiating on your behalf as anyone with a vested interest.

With VP-COM, you’ll enjoy all the quality services of an expert V.P., but only on a project-by-project basis, thus avoiding recurring costs.

With VP-COM, you’ll remain perfectly free to work with your established collaborators or suppliers and to benefit from existing synergies. And you’ll remain in complete control of your costs.


Give Quattrocento the opportunity to identify and analyze your problems and to devise a satisfactory strategy to resolve them. Remember: it will always be YOU who makes the final decision.

When it comes down to actual production, we’ll be with you throughout the submission and tendering process, just like any V.P. would be. But you’re always the one who controls costs and makes decisions.

That means you will pay no commissions on printed material and other media; and there’ll be no percentage loss when you sub-contract. You pay only for the actual work accomplished and the actual number of hours devoted to your project.

And we’ll follow up on all production procedures to make absolutely sure there’s been no compromise in quality.

Finally, VP-COM will evaluate your ROI with an eye to any future efficiencies that may streamline operations.

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